Business Buzzwords You Need to Banish From Your Website Copy

Bespoke services

You know when you say a word over and over and it loses all meaning to your ears…and you actually start to wonder a bit if you’ve made it up?

That’s what it’s like for customers when they see the exact same non-words on every single website. Being proud to offer a unique selection of bespoke services is just not cool any more.

Now, I’m not demanding Dickens. I’m not even asking you to get your thesaurus out. I’m only suggesting you take a look at your website copy and pick out the real clichés that make you look like everyone else, instead of the awesome, individual company you are.

Keeping your website copy clear, simple and friendly, avoiding business-y words and injecting a little personality will make both customers and search engines happy. So here’s what to get rid of:


My favourite. Services are mysterious. They sound like maybe you’re embarrassed to say what’s entailed (escort services) or you don’t really know what you do (logistics services). In either situation, your customers are going to want more detail than that. Imagine the words ‘Services’ and ‘Solutions’ next to each other in a website menu. How would you pick?

The issue here is that your potential customer may know the end outcome that they want – 2000 boxes of party favours delivered to Hull overnight – but they probably don’t know the name of the umbrella of services it comes under, like ‘logistics’. And guess what? There’s a fair bit of competition for the search term ‘logistics services’.

Be explicit. There’s no need to be prim and coy here – people want to know super-fast that they’re in the right place to get what they want.

Often it’s as easy as snipping ‘services’ off the end. ‘Painting and decorating services’ – what’s the word ‘services’ adding there? Nothing, so it’s wasted space and a distraction. Kill it!


See also:

  • Solutions
  • Systems
  • Offerings
  • Learnings
  • Propositions
  • Processes

These words have absolutely no semantic value in the general theme you’re trying to give search engines (architecture, house building, architectural plans, new builds) to show them you’re a good place to send a searcher.



Value is subjective. What you think is good value may not be good value to me at all, so you need to tell me in no uncertain terms what you mean.

Numbers are good here, or absolute promises. We’ll beat any quote, £10 discount if you spend over £50…that means something. Never underestimate the feel-good value though: if it costs what it does because you use local sources or give a percentage to charity, make something of it.


Calling your product comprehensive is like saying ‘It does accounting etc.”. Um, right? There’s always the worry that your claim to provide the full shebang may not play out, and I’ll be left trying to find another company to fill the gaps.

Exception: insurance, obviously!


TBH, if your staff AREN’T experienced then we’ve got bigger problems to talk about. There are some things that go without saying and if you have to say them it sounds like you don’t have much else to brag about.

See also:

  • Free quote
  • Fully trained
  • Licensed
  • Air conditioned
  • Clean

I’d say one exception to this rule is CRB checking. Of COURSE your children’s entertainers are CRB-checked, but it’s best not to leave anyone unsure. Especially when they’re already at the point of wishing they’d never had children following a frantic week of birthday party organisation for a surprisingly discerning five-year-old.


“For all your screeding needs.”

  1. What kind of needs for screed can I have beyond wanting someone to come to my place and do some screeding?
  2. Don’t act like you know me. My needs are my own and assuming you can fulfil every one of them without even a phone call is annoying. What else are you assuming about me? I don’t feel special any more 🙁
  3. It’s just been done so much that it sounds instantly cheesy. Say you do screeding, then tell me how that will work out for me if I choose your amazing company.

Got it? Then let’s plaaaaaayyyyyy WHACK-A-WORD!

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7 thoughts on “<span>Business Buzzwords You Need to Banish From Your Website Copy</span>”

  1. This is a fun piece, but there’s a serious point behind it. All of these words are bandied about way too much, and people’s eyes just glaze over when they see them. Personally I really can’t stand ‘solutions’. Gah.

  2. When I hear “solutions” I imagine the product’s been dissolved.

  3. Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s cliche.
    A small weakness in the piece from my personal perspective: “we’ll beat any quote” actually means “we’ll charge you as much as we can get away with”, or “if you don’t shop around we’ll rip you off”.
    Perhaps I’m currently in a minority. But as a punter, I immediately don’t like a company that makes that offer & I know I can’t trust them.

  4. Hahaha! Thank you Yell.com for this wonderful post.

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