Does SEO Help PPC?

Question. Does SEO optimisation help with your PPC endeavours?

Bit of a mouthy title, granted, but the question is does having a site with strong SEO help with your PPC quality scores? I know the official line from Google is that they have no direct correlation but logically, I don’t agree. I think it does help. In fact I’d put money on it.

SEO is all about having a nice, user friendly relevant website. Yes, some of the off page optimisation techniques won’t impact your PPC such as links and more technical elements but the onsite stuff will.

For PPC we know that having relevant content on the landing page helps with our quality scores. No brainer. Google need to protect their reputation for driving traffic to relevant websites and with so many competing business wanting to rank top for so many keywords, they need to be fussy about this. Any optimised page in terms of content and usability is good for the audience base, regardless of the search source.

This is also true with ‘friendly URL’s’. Having a friendly URL as your destination URL in your adverts, I think, helps your quality score. It’s just a place to further confirm relevancy.

Another factor.

A true PPC expert will not just consider the PPC side. They will also look at landing pages and how to improve the website. They want their traffic to convert. What’s the point of having a brilliantly structured PPC account with great adverts landing on a page with rubbish content and no call to actions which locks the user into the site?

Here the goal of SEO managers and PPC managers is the same. Better experience to drive a conversion. If the SEO recommendation is for better keyword driven navigation, navigation in the footer and side links this is more relevant keywords for our landing page and better time on sites, better bounce rates which should equate into a better conversion rate.

SEO and PPC need to be in synergy, not just in terms of ‘who bids on what’ – though that’s definitely a factor. I have discussed the importance of this before. Check it out.

So. Yes. For these reasons I do believe a well optimised website considering their target audience helps your PPC. If the landing page is better due to the SEO work it’s generally a better page for you to land paid traffic on.