iPhone 5, iOS 6 and its potential impact on PPC.

In the UK more people use Google then Bing. This is an undisputable fact. This is the same with both desktop and mobile driven searches. Mobile, at the moment is the highest increasing traffic source and this increase is seen mainly on Google. Some companies report a year on year 11% increase in desktop traffic compared to a 225% increase in mobile.

Makes sense. If you’re not already doing mobile campaigns, why not?

Due to this increase it makes sense that Google’s CPC’s for mobile traffic are steadily increasing. More people are realising they need to be targeting mobiles. It’s also a very competitive arena with 3 adverts being allowed for the top fold of the screen. On some devices this could be all they see, never bothering with the organic SERPS.

So what’s this got to do with iOS 6?

Heard some rumours that a certain iPhone 5 *may* be released in September. If you are reading this blog you may also know that Google and Apple, the masters of iTunes and Android have had a bit of a falling out. As such, Google Maps and YouTube are no longer hard coded on their operating software. Safari will stay as it is Apple’s browser, but what will be the default search engine for Safari?

I’m not thinking Google.

I’m thinking Bing.

The default use of Bing being hidden behind the reasoning of ‘well this makes alphabetical’ sense; Bing, Google and then Yahoo!. I saw a friend using Yahoo! to search the other day on her phone. I asked her ‘Why aren’t you using Google?’ and she replied ‘It makes no difference to me’. This is going to be a pretty standard response. I don’t think people notice as much as others what they search on as long as they get the results. Also, how many people know how to change their default settings on their iPhone?

Already the iPhone 5 has more traffic than the Samsung S3 ever did, even pre-launch and it’s not even launched yet. So many people are going to want one. They’ve been holding out for it.

When it’s released, Bing is, I predict going to see a massive increase in their mobile traffic from iPhones.

So get your campaigns ready on Bing for the iPhone 5. I’m predicting more traffic and steadily rising CPC’s.

About time they had a bit of a break. Hopefully we might get lucky too, cheap CPC’s on Bing for mobile and decreasing CPC’s on Google.