Remove’em – How to Remove Bad Backlinks

In the wake of the recent Penguin update there are some very creative services being introduced that are helping reverse any potential damage caused to SEO campaigns and in turn rankings.

If you have ever looked into link building for your own site in the past to boost your inbound/backlink count then it is very likely you have considered buying them in as it’s a pain to do yourself.  This was convenient, effective and fairly cheap to do but generally the links were unrelated to you target site and low quality from unreliable sources.

With Google now potentially penalising sites who took part extensively in this practice there has been no way of simply removing these links.  Instead, for most businesses it means contacting each webmaster individually to remove the links via email.  This can be a time consuming exercise and I wonder if most businesses affected will even try to do something about it.

I came across an innovative company called Remove’em which aims to make this task of removing bad backlinks a lot simpler.bad, backlink, removal

There are some simple steps which if followed will allow you to keep track of any removals requested.  The interface is very easy to understand and means you can manage the process in one place, saving time and hassle.

I would recommend visiting the site and seeing the simple guide on this video :  http://www.removeem.com/video-tutorial.php

Here are the steps :

  1. Identify the bad backlinks through a simple search tool
  2. Contact Webmasters to remove links in one place
  3. Track the performance of the requests
  4. Submit the results once you are happy to Google to reconsider your site

Google is continuing to release newer updates to Penguin and every adjustment may mean further damage to rankings.  It’s best to take action now and understand the full extent of the damage if any.