The Importance of Sustained Content Marketing

Image of WordPress screenshotIt seems that Google refreshes its algorithm each time we’ve just managed to catch up with the last bout of changes and updated our websites accordingly.

However, one thing that every algorithm update has in common is the constant prioritisation of content quality and user experience.

With all the changing approaches to link building, keyword SEO and social media usage, quality content remains the number one factor in driving traffic to your website and supporting your SEO strategy – not to mention maintaining your presence on social media and other platforms.

Unlike technical SEO checks, content isn’t a task that can simply be ticked off the list. Good quality website content, email marketing content and social media content needs to be produced and published regularly. Here’s why:

  • Good content feeds into every other aspect of your marketing, from social media to SEO and PPC. A lack of content results in stagnant marketing across the board, impacting everything from social referrals to organic and paid web traffic and email marketing.
  • Google loves new content, so if your content output is infrequent it can result in a lower search ranking compared to competitors with a high content output. Regular content output will likely boost your performance with the search engines and increase your website traffic.
  • When it comes to PR, sustained content and contact with the media is an absolute must – to keep you front of mind with journalists if nothing else. Well-written editorial content is a more credible way of getting your name out there than advertising, and a steady stream of editorial mentions and back links can enhance both your SEO and the number of content sources available about your company. It’s now an often-spouted fact that customers consult around ten sources of content before purchasing, so the more of these you can put out there the better.
  • Your business is constantly in development and with it your products, services, branding, messaging, and even your target audience will always be shifting. You need to adjust your strategy and messaging accordingly over time, and your content output is key to this.
  • Regular content is not just key to engaging new customers, but also to keeping existing customers loyal and interested. Content consistency and regularity drives customer loyalty, so keeping a constant flow of content can really help when it comes to customer acquirement and retention.
  • Quality, varied content maximises your potential customer reach, giving you access to a wider pool of customers and more control over your audience.
  • It helps with your branding and reputation management. Content that reflects your industry and product expertise will reinforce your branding and reputation as a thought leader in your field – and reassure any potential customers of your expertise and reliability.

A sustained pipeline of content is crucial to maintain momentum on your website, blog and all of your associated marketing. A regular flow of new content increases your online presence, and influences audience engagement across all platforms.

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