What’s in a Bounce Rate?

If you have Google Analytics installed on your website, which you should do, then you should also have your AdWords and your Analytics accounts linked. This is so important, you are after all using your hard earned cash to pay for these people to get to your site, you need to see what they get up to when they land. Waiting for the phone to ring or a ‘You’ve Got Mail’ type ping into your inbox is missing a trick. Without analysing the way people navigate your site you may be missing something really important.

Bounce rate

One of the things to look at is Bounce Rate. This is a statistic that you find on the dashboard. Bounce rate means ‘this percentage of people have only looked at the page they landed on’ so with PPC, this percent of all your traffic have gone no further than your landing page. Of course they could call, but let’s assume they haven’t.

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This factor is less important for PPC in a way than organic traffic because of course with PPC traffic you decide exactly where that traffic lands. If you had a really high bounce rate on your home page from organic traffic,  that could indicate a problem – people aren’t moving from the gate post.

Relevancy and PPC

With PPC it’s more about relevancy. Say you are advertising to a certain demographic on Facebook, say females 19-24. As an extreme example and potentially very stereotypical example, imagine directing this traffic to a page about Hammers. I would expect the bounce rate to be pretty high. Target people who work in construction and the bounce rate will be lower as that page is relevant.

Keep the landing page as relevant as possible to the source.

Another thing to consider is if the bounce rate is high on certain pages, look into it. Test things. Look at it very critically yourself. If you think they are calling you, place a different number on that page and see if that phone rings. Test landing pages. Great thing about PPC is you can test almost as soon as the page is ready, try different things and test. If the bounce rate improves consider implementing it on your main site.

Either way, keep an eye on it. High Bounce rates, say anything over 60-70% may indicate a problem.

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