Writing Good Adverts for Your PPC Campaigns

With PPC, you choose your keywords, and then you write your adverts. But what should you write?

The keyword signifies the intent from the searcher, but the advert is your chance to present your brand and your website. The advert is very important. The more people that click on your advert, allows you a higher ‘CTR’ aka click through rate which shows AdWords that your adverts are relevant and the person searching, likes them. Google is all about providing the best experience to the searcher so this helps with the score they give your account.

When writing your advert it’s important to remember that it needs to be relevant to the keyword. May sound obvious but you can’t assume that if say someone looks for a specific book, they will be happy with an advert that reads ‘Cheap Prices. Loads of Stock’. An advert which contains the specific genre of book, or even the author will be far more enticing, what would you click on, that detailed above or ‘Clive Cussler books? We have them all’. It will take far longer to set up but the whole reason you are doing all this is to get customers to your website. You need to work for it.

Be honest. Advertise what you have not what you think they would want to read. If you offer a premium product, use quality, luxurious advert text. Don’t go with cheap or bargain as the person may click, look around your site and then just leave, a pure waste of your budget. Don’t be afraid to shout what you are. If you only offer a service in one location, say a carpenter in Brighton, then try and include Brighton in your advert or in the display URL. Relevance. Try and put yourself in their shoes, you literally have a split second of their attention, to catch their eye and get their custom – aka money

Also, don’t just write adverts then leave them. You should ideally have 3 or 4 adverts in each adgroup. Set them to rotate to test them equally. The Adwords system automatically sets them to show the best performer the most often, if one advert has 15 click and 1 conversion that’s technically the best advert, but the others never got a chance – they could be far better. Find the themes that work best for your brand and optimize to it. Test.
Seasonality, if this affects your product, for example….Christmas and postage, keep people up to date with that. ‘Order for Christmas’ ‘Free Postage’ ‘Next day postage’ etc. If you run a gym push more budget and ‘get healthy’ adverts in January.

Finally, as with keyword research see what your competitors are up to. If all the other adverts are price specific and your prices are cheaper, try prices. If all the others use the term ‘Cheap’ ‘Great’ then don’t use them. People will just get blind to the generic-ness of them all. Use trademark and copyright symbols. Use ! Use ?

You believe in your brand right? Then make it stand out. Make others believe in it too.