Service Specification - Temporary Website Landing Page

1. This Service Specification is subject to the Service Specification - PPC. Defined terms used in the Service Specification - PPC have the same meanings when used in this Service Specification.

2. Where the website to be promoted by Pay Per Click does not exist as of the date of the Confirmation of Order but is to be built pursuant to another Service ("Website in Development"), we may offer to provide a temporary landing page ("Temporary Page") pending completion of the Website in Development. If you accept the Temporary Page we shall:

(a) Register a New Domain for the Temporary Page ("Temporary Domain");
(b) Produce the Temporary Page using a pre-existing template;
(c) Commence the review, amendment and publication process set out in the Service Specification - PPC, where you shall have a single chance to provide feedback before publication which shall be by setting the Temporary Page to live; and
(d) Commence the Pay Per Click using the Temporary Page.

3. When the Website in Development is complete and has been published ("Live Website") we shall change the Pay Per Click to target the Live Website, remove the Temporary Page, the Temporary Domain will not be renewed and the Pay Per Click shall continue.

Updated on 31 August 2017