Search Plus Your World

Google recently launched a brand new feature called Search Plus Your World to integrate with their Google Plus social network; the aim being to help make their search engine a lot more social.  The idea is to deliver personal results from your contacts within Google Plus on the right hand side and within your normal search […]

Setting Up a Google Plus Business Page

Following on from last week’s post about the launch of Google Plus Business Pages, let’s have a look at how easy it is to set one up and then optimise it for local businesses. The first step is to create a Google Plus personal account, this is a simple process which is now open for all […]

Google Plus vs Facebook

In this week’s post, I’ll cover the launch of the new Google Plus or Google + social network. What is it and are there any benefits for local SEO campaigns over the the likes of Facebook and Twitter? Google Plus is a fresh attempt from Google to get into the social networking game. They previously failed miserably with a service called Buzz, this disaster […]

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