Can’t Afford to Pay for SEO?

If you are considering paying for SEO or Social Media services then before you do so it is advisable to take advantage of any FREE opportunities to optimise and more importantly generate traffic. I am referring to Google Plus Local, Bing, Yahoo!, Yell, Yelp or Best of the Web. These listings have the potential to offer a […]

Merging Google Plus Local With Places

In previous posts we have looked at the most recent changes to Google Places and now Google Plus Local listings, these entries are key for any small to medium sized business.  I am finding most SME’s are still unaware of the changeover and are failing to make the most of the new social features of […]

Bing Beat Google to it…Disavow Links

In a previous post I blogged about a tool called Remove’em which helps website owners remove large volumes of  ‘bad’ links through one simple platform.  These are links accumulated through bad link practice in the past which is now starting to hurt rankings as a result of the Penguin update. Looks like website owners are going […]

Where Is Google Places?

Many of us are familiar with Google Places results when searching for a local business, it has also been referred to as Maps or Local in the past.  Google are at it again and recently changed the name over to : Google+ Local.  Yes, they have linked up Places with Google+ their social networking platform. […]

Can Local Companies Benefit From Banner Advertising?

Yes!  Absolutely 100% yes.  For years we’ve all been saying that the internet is killing the highstreet and that the small to medium businesses don’t stand a chance against the corporate machines out there.  Whether you’ve been saying it in the board room or over the washing line, it’s time to reconsider. The tide has […]

The Penguin Update Arrives (Google Webspam)

So we should all be familiar with the Panda update from last year, launched by Google to improve its search results by demoting poor quality sites and increasing the rank of higher quality ones. Looks like Google are tinkering with their algorithm again with the new name :  Penguin.  How very original..! So what is […]

Can You Buy Backlinks for Local SEO?

We hear it all the time that the more backlinks or inbound links you have coming into your website, the better it is for optimising on search engines. The primary purpose of these links should be to drive new visitors back into your site, this is why they have always been a positive signal for search […]

StumbleUpon Traffic – SEO Advice

StumbleUpon is often described as a discovery search engine that finds the best on the web and delivers to the user based on their personal browsing preferences. This is a free service also available on popular web browsers and for download as an app on mobile devices. Unlike popular search engines like Google and Bing, […]

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