Writing Good Adverts for Your PPC Campaigns

With PPC, you choose your keywords, and then you write your adverts. But what should you write? The keyword signifies the intent from the searcher, but the advert is your chance to present your brand and your website. The advert is very important. The more people that click on your advert, allows you a higher […]

Improve Your PPC Campaigns With Relevance

Throughout my blog posts I am going to be constantly mentioning the word relevance. It is a factor that can make or break the performance of your PPC campaigns and therefore I am extremely passionate about it, as anyone who has ever worked with me or I have run PPC campaign for will know! Therefore […]

Google Local Search Results Pages Explained

When your search query returns a search engine results page (SERP) that consists of a mixture of different listing types this is known as ‘Universal Search’.  In a previous post we illustrated where PPC ads and organic listings are displayed; in this post we will show how the results returned can differ for local searches. […]

Pay Per Click Text Advert Structure

There are lots of different types of advert formats you can use to advertise through the Google AdWords platform including text, banners, animated banner, mobile, gadgets and videos. The adverts type you chose should depend on the type of campaign you are running and the objectives you are aiming to achieve. In this post I […]

PPC Is Super for Seasonality

Pay per click is perfect for targeting seasonal search traffic as you can increase and decrease your budgets at anytime. In order to take advantage of seasonal peaks in traffic it is also worth while tailoring your keywords and advert copy. The Google Insights for Search tool  can help you to identify the times of […]

How Do Facebook Ads Work and How Much Do They Cost?

Facebook is a massive website, one of the biggest in the world in fact. We willingly offer it up detail information about where we live, what we like, whether we are single, married or engaged and the company we work for. With that goldmine of information available to them, Facebook realised they had something a […]

Does Facebook PPC Work for B2B?

I have been asked this quite a lot. “My product is for businesses, I don’t think Facebook is right for me”. Facebook, as I stress a lot is a social platform. There is no space for boring, stuffy ‘I’m so professional using big words in my adverts’ formalities. But does this mean it would or […]

Getting Started With Your Keyword Research

Keyword research can take some time, but us it definitely worth it in terms of results. If you don’t put in the leg work at this stage you can end up wasting your budget on irrelevant clicks that are not valuable to your business and spending a lot of time refining the keywords within your […]

Introduction to Paid Search Account Structure

So hopefully my last few posts have convinced you that you have no option but to give PPC advertising a go. I would suggest before you get started it is worth becoming familiar with the structure of PPC accounts. This is because the terminology can be quite confusing and the more organised the account is […]

Top Five Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Started With PPC

A big advantage of PPC advertising is that you can set it up quickly and get your ads showing on Google within a few hours. This means you can get your business online and start driving traffic to your site and results straightaway, however, speaking from experience, there are some elements that do require consideration […]

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