Is It Worth Having a News Page on Your Website?

A News page used to be a website essential. But how relevant are they today? When I first started out as a freelance copywriter in the early 2000s, every website I worked on had a News page. It was often the only page of a website that would ever be updated – the rest would […]

Tips on Creating a Search Engine-Friendly Website

Search engine optimisation – SEO – is the process of improving the way in which a website is ranked in relevant search engine results. It involves setting up the website so that it is easy to ‘read’ for search engine spiders. SEO is a continuing process, but it’s most effective when the site is optimised […]

Sitemaps and SEO

To ensure your web pages are correctly found and indexed by search engines, consider including a sitemap for your website. While a sitemap will not directly influence your place in search results and does not guarantee that your pages will be indexed, it is still an important aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO). Sitemaps assist […]

Are XML Sitemaps Important for SEO?

In this post I will shed some light on what Sitemaps are and how they can be useful when combined with other SEO activity. There are still mixed views on the importance of Sitemaps in the SEO community with most steering towards them having no affect on search rankings. My view is that though they do not directly affect rankings, they can […]

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