Social Media Stats That SMEs Should Know About

Here are a handful of statistics that I’ve come across recently that I think will be of interest to SMEs – they give an idea of how many businesses are using social media, whether Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is the platform of choice and the importance of online reviews. 48% of UK SMEs are actively […]

Eight Ways to Measure How Effective Your Social Media Efforts Are

If you are staring at your follower numbers on Twitter or like count on Facebook and aren’t quite sure what else you should be measuring, here are a few pointers. The following tips cover Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Number of mentions on Twitter Count up how many times you Twitter handle has been referenced each […]

How to Make the Most of the New YouTube Redesign

If you’ve got a YouTube channel for your business, or if you’ve just been browsing recently, you may have noticed a few changes to brand channels. YouTube has rolled out a new design for channels that lets you, as the owner, customise the look and feel and do some other quite nice things you couldn’t […]

Best Video Sharing Websites for Businesses

There are many video sharing websites out there. This post gives our recommendations as to which video sharing websites to target when using video to market your business. Some leading video sharing websites have a specific arts, entertainment and/or music focus, for example Metacafe and Vimeo. These services may be of value if your business […]

Remember When You Met Facebook?

Remember when you met Facebook? I do. The year was 2004. I was in a college newsroom in Manhattan, Kansas, attempting to put out the daily paper, despite being distracted by this brilliant new website. It had something to do with social networking, or so they said. That night and for many more to come, […]

What Are the Benefits of Web Videos for Businesses?

Adding video content to your website is a great way to make your business stand out online. Here’s why… Improved visibility online Websites incorporating video content score more points with search engines, giving you an edge over competitors who don’t use it. As well as including the video on your own website, you can host […]

Video Marketing Tips on How to Get More YouTube Views

To get more people to look at your web video on YouTube, you need good content, effective optimisation and efficient promotion. Content Your online video needs to be relevant and valuable to viewers. If it’s different, exciting, and interesting to watch, more people will be interested and might recommend it to others. Think about the […]

How to Optimise a Video for YouTube

YouTube is a community and becoming an active community member can help your video rank higher within the YouTube search results. Here are five factors which influence the ranking of videos on YouTube, along with tips on how to optimise for each one: 1. Title and description Title and description are core to relevancy, see […]

How to Upload a Video to YouTube

In April 2011 there were 2.2 billion video streams by UK users of which 1.48b were on YouTube (Nielsen Videocensus, April 2011). YouTube is crucial to any video marketing campaign being the most used video site in the world, also YouTube is owned by Google and its videos are becoming increasingly visible within Google search […]

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