6 YouTube Channels Every Small Business Should Follow

YouTube is a great resource. It has a reputation for being full of goofy comedy, video game let’s plays, and cute animals, but it’s so much more than that. YouTube is afire with great business advice, but it can get drowned out a bit with the wackier channels and paid advertising.

I have chosen 6 YouTube channels that I feel every small businessperson can benefit from. Presented in no particular order, these are all channels that you can duck in and out of with short, digestible videos. I’d love to hear if you know of any other channels that our readers could benefit from, so please link to them down in the comments!


HMRC Channel: HMRCgovuk

HMRC have a YouTube channel. Yes, it surprised me too; but what better way to make taxation more approachable and mush less scary than to offer a peek behind the curtain via the world’s biggest video platform. Some highlights on their channel include how to enrol for VAT and submit a VAT return, queries surrounding self assessment, record keeping and their nicely animated “Tax Facts” series. HMRC deals with all governmental taxes in the UK, so if you need advice on personal taxation or tax credits, you can learn more here too.

Marie Forleo/Marie TV

Marie’s Channel: marieforleo

Marie Forleo is an accomplished life coach and motivational speaker who runs the Marie Forleo B-School. Her channel is based around “creating a business and a life that you love.” It sounds a lofty claim, but Marie uses a fun and funky approach to tackle some of the bigger issues of being a business owner, such as dealing with stress, working well with others, handling criticism, and many other fundamental sticking points for a wide range of business owners and employees. The videos are presented in a lighthearted style, and Marie and her team tackle tough business and personal situations with ease.

Behind The Brand

Behind the Brand Channel: behindthebrandTV

This is a fascinating channel which profiles some of the best business thought-leaders from around the world. You can watch the full interviews, or just pick up the best bits which are often uploaded as short digestible videos. The selection of people that Bryan interviews are always interesting; some personal high points include writers Simon Sinek and Seth Godin; celebrity chef Jamie Oliver; and professional skateboarder Tony Hawk. You get to hear the personal elements and attitudes that go into their brands as well as the solid business acumen that they’ve accumulated.

Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne’s Channel: FabienneFredrickson

Fabienne Fredrickson is a businesswoman, speaker and sales coach who runs the Client Attraction Business School. I chose her for this list because her advice is always on point and appears to come from genuine experience. She has a positive attitude that radiates from the screen, and a practical style that allows you to apply her advice as soon as the video is over. I also chose Fabienne because she doesn’t fear tackling the bigger issues in her viewers’ lives, such as dealing with an unsupportive life partner, confronting fear and nurturing positivity.

Stephanie Ward

Stephanie’s Channel: CoachStephanieWard

Netherlands-based business coach Stephanie Ward only has 208 subscribers at the time I’m writing this, but I feel she deserves a lot more. When contrasted with the high-budget channels in this article, Stephanie’s videos are refreshingly homespun. Don’t let that fool you. She makes up for any presentation issues with great advice and solid suggestions. She wants to help us to have “a steady stream of cool clients” (her catchphrase of sorts), and I have no doubt that her handy, actionable ideas will resonate with some of you.

Derek Halpern

Derek’s Channel: SocialTriggers

Derek Halpern is a well-known authority on business success and inspiration, and specialises in writing copy and online marketing. He comes across as genuinely likeable in his videos and wears his heart on his sleeve, sometimes using dry humour to get his point across. His no-nonsense attitude of tackling issues head-on is undeniably useful, dealing with topics such as customer retention, communication, and increasing sales, regardless of your industry.

I hope that I’ve introduced you to a few channels that you didn’t know about and that their guidance can help make your business the best it can be.

If you are a YouTube addict like me, I’d love to hear your favourite business-oriented channels in the comments.

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