At Last! a Free Tool That Counts Twitter Mentions and Retweets

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If you’ve ever Googled ‘count Twitter mentions’ or ‘tool to count Twitter retweets’, you’ll have been through the pain of going through a month’s worth of activity on your timeline in order to get the info you want, and wondering if there is a better way.

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, and it’s pretty much a manual process to discover whether more or fewer people are using your username or retweeting what you have said.

But the good news is there’s a tool out there to do this for you – and it’s called Crowdbooster.

Give this nifty program access to your account and, from then on, it will analyse your profile and let you know how many retweets and mentions you have had. But that’s not all. Crowdbooster can also:

  • provide an overview of the best time of date to tweet from your profile
  • schedule tweets on your behalf
  • outline growth in your follower count
  • reveal who your most influential followers are (because of how many followers they have)
  • identify your top retweeters – so people who are retweeting your messages, how many times they have done say and how many followers they have.

A free account allows you to link one Twitter profile and one Facebook page to Crowdbooster. If you want to link more than this you’ll need to invest in a paid-for version.


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