6 Awesome Twitter Accounts for Business Advice in 2017

6 Awesome Twitter Accounts for Business Advice in 2017I’m a huge fan of Twitter; simply because of the variety and transparency it offers. Whatever kind of interaction you’re looking for, Twitter can usually provide. It’s a great place for self-promotion, networking, sharing ideas, collaborating as well as for chilling out and having a chat.

However its business side can be a real treasure trove of great advice and relevant commentary for companies in all industries, wherever they are in the world.

Today, we’ll be looking at 6 awesome Twitter feeds that offer awesome advice for small businesses.

1. Stephanie Ward @FireflyCoaching

Netherlands-based Business Coach Stephanie shares a variety of information about public speaking, marketing, lead nurturing and generally increasing confidence in your business and abilities. Stephanie’s advice is always straightforward yet friendly; and she also shares content from other reliable sources from around the web. I’ve followed Stephanie on numerous platforms since I was first starting out, and her gentle but encouraging tone was just what I needed. For that reason I would especially recommend Stephanie to new, first-time freelancers – her simple business wisdom can really help you on your journey.

Stephanie also has a great YouTube channel that’s well worth checking out.

2. Guardian Small Biz @GdnSmallBiz

This account comes to us from the small business arm of broadsheet newspaper The Guardian. They cover a range of subjects to suit a variety of businesses and industries, and provide coverage on business-related news, opinions and advice. Their feed points to a variety of Guardian articles useful to small businesses, covering topics like customer services, Brexit news, e-commerce, entrepreneur stories, management issues, and much more. By all means a good all rounder.

3. Harvard Business Review @HarvardBiz

This is the official Twitter feed of the esteemed business and management magazine from across the pond. A lot of their content is centred around interpersonal relationships and people’s feelings within the workplace, both from the perspective of management and from employees. You absolutely need a decent level of emotional acumen wherever you place within a team’s hierarchy; so if you manage a team or are a part of one, absolutely check this one out.

4. The HMRC Twitter Triumvirate (Links Below)

Thankfully, HMRC offer a surprising amount of help online, through social media and through their YouTube channel. Their three Twitter accounts are no exception. @HMRCgovuk provides general information about all tax services, not just business – well worth checking out for both personal and professional reference. @HMRCbusiness is a feed especially for business tax and self-assessment advice; and you can even ask them a question directly through @HMRCcustomers. And where better to get your tax information than straight from the horse’s mouth?

5. Hiscox Insurance @HiscoxUK

It may seem a little odd to see an insurance company on a list like this, but Hiscox’s Twitter feed contains numerous nuggets of small business advice, both from their own blog and from other trusted online sources. Rather than using their feed as an avenue for direct self-promotion, Hiscox have adopted a more content-savvy approach, using their Twitter feed to share valuable information about cyber-security, PR, tax, general business advice, as well as various pieces of helpful business miscellany from around the web. This Twitter feed provides a satisfying hodgepodge of useful business advice which a wide range of industries can appreciate and use.

6. Yell Business @YellBusiness

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s shameless self-promotion! I know it’s corny, but hear us out. Our own Twitter account brings us a lot of pride. Not only do we draw on the fab advice posted on this very blog, but also from other awesome sources from around the web. As well as our usual digital marketing and business advice, we curate pieces from around the Twitterverse, covering a range of topics such as startups, business predictions, currency issues, import and export news and much more, so come and join us!

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What are your favourite business Twitter feeds? Which accounts will you be following closely in 2017? Please let us know down in the comments!