Be Social: Delving Deeper Into Using Pinterest for Your Business id=

So having previously talked about the first steps that need to be taken before investing your time in using Pinterest as a social network for your business, at this stage you will have come to a decision as to whether it is relevant to your brand. From here you should have been tailoring content suited to the platform. If so you have made a worthwhile start.

Hopefully you already have share functionality across your company website, where clients and consumers can click on a Facebook or Twitter button to directly share the content you have to their own communities. Now you can also add a ‘Pin it’ button to your product pages to allow visitors to your website to pin your products onto Pinterest. Additionally you can add a Pinterest follow button which can sit nicely in with similar buttons for Facebook, Linked In, Twitter et al. All buttons can be found on the Pinterest goodies page and are easy to install.

Once you have created boards in tune with what your customers are looking for, you should then categorise your boards in the correct section ie if you have a wedding product you are pinning, make sure to categorise it under Weddings & Events. This will mean more people will see your pins and if you arouse interest in what you are posting, more people will follow your brand on Pinterest.

Images are so important on Pinterest, more so than on any other social media portal. So make sure they catch the eye, and are vibrant and interesting and really reflect your brand and products in the best light, so to speak. You want people to pin and repin material you upload to Pinterest, and the more aesthetically pleasing the images are, the more chance there is of this happening.

Always make sure you include your site URL when you post anything to Pinterest. Ideally you will also include the name and prices of any product in the description as well. As great a visual tool as Pinterest is, you are still trying to drive consumers back to your site when they can gauge additional product information and even enter into the purchasing process. The SEO benefits also make it worthwhile to ensure you meet these steps.

Try and enter into the Pinterest community yourself, and even encourage employees to contribute as well by repinning your products to everyone they interact with, to build that audience.

Pinterest gives your brand a new and unique way to present itself to an emerging new audience. If nothing else, always bear in mind what would appeal to your target market and what would inspire them to repin any product collateral you may post.