Eight Ways to Measure How Effective Your Social Media Efforts Are

If you are staring at your follower numbers on Twitter or like count on Facebook and aren’t quite sure what else you should be measuring, here are a few pointers. The following tips cover Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

  1. Number of mentions on Twitter Count up how many times you Twitter handle has been referenced each month to see how much attention you are getting. Is it on an upward curve? Can you attribute an ‘event’ to a spike in mentions? And can you pinpoint what it is that prompts people to start talking about you?
  2. Amount of times you have been retweeted on Twitter Again, look at this by month. Does an increase in the number of tweets you put out have an impact when it comes to retweets? Are you retweeted more frequently whenever you talk about a particular subject? Retweets are Twitter gold, so work on ways to get that number up!
  3. Average number of clickthroughs on Twitter When you post a link, how likely is it that people will click to have a look what you are talking about? If you are using shortened URLs through software such has HootSuite, this will tell you how many clicks each individual tweets has had. Add up a month’s worth and divide by the number of tweets containing a link you have put out by this number.
  4. Twitter ‘reach’ If you tot up how many people have mentioned you on Twitter in January, February or March etc, and then count up how many peple follow them, you have a theoretical ‘reach’ number. Use something like Tweetreach to do this, rather than doing a manual count!
  5. Conversions from Twitter If you are using analytics software such as Google Analytics on your website, use the ‘conversion code’ provided within your links on Twitter and then you can see what people actually do once they have clicked through. Do they go away again, have a browse or actually email your business?
  6. YouTube likes and comments If you have a YouTube channel for your business, ensure you are keeping tabs on comments and likes. You are alerted to new comments within the ‘logged in space’, so check back regularly to see what people have been saying. As the channel administrator you can engage with people on the site – do this and it makes people aware that yours is an active page.
  7. ‘People talking about this’ on Facebook This number – which is now visible to all users – reveals how many of your fans are actually engaged with the page. It could be because they have liked a post, left a comment or mentioned your page.
  8. Facebook like sources When someone likes your page, Facebook notes how they did this. The like could have come about because someone visited the page, saw an advert for it or noticed that a friend had like it. You can also find out if a like came from a mobile device – this is useful info because it may mean you need to adjust your wall updates accordingly. Remember, people on mobiles can’t view your custom tabs and can’t view the page as they would on a desktop.