Facebook Adds “People Reached” Number to Posts

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Facebook now displays specific reach and engagement data within each post

There’s been a subtle little change to Facebook Pages recently that you may have spotted while adding a update.

Following the introduction of the “talking about this” metric in the left-hand column for all to see, if you are the logged in owner of a business Facebook Page you can now view, underneath your wall posts, two new things.

The first is a “People Reached” number, and the second a post “People Talking About This” count.

So what does this mean?

People Reached: This is, bottom line, how many people have actually seen your update. A bit of background info – it’s not the case that if you have, say, 500 fans or page likes, that 500 people will get your update. Facebook decides who to serve your update to depending on how much they have paid attention to what you’ve said in the past. So this makes it clear how many unique people you are actually reaching.

People Talking About This: This number indicates how engaging your wall post has been for fans of the page. This number takes into account shares, likes, comments, answers to poll questions and event responses, if relevant.

All of this info has been available in the insights section of the Facebook Page account for some time, but only now has Facebook displayed this within each post. It’s worth noting that this is seen by page admins only.

Stats not showing up? The page post metrics begin to display 12 to 15 hours after the end of the day an update was posted.

2 thoughts on “<span>Facebook Adds “People Reached” Number to Posts</span>”

  1. The “People reached” featured seems to have disappeared after Dec. 21 – at least on the 4 pages I checked. Too bad. It seemed like a useful number.

  2. I’m confused. So if I “Like” a page, say a band that I like, I won’t actually get all of their updates in my news feed, I’ll only get some of them based on some random metric that facebook uses to decide how much I really am interested in the band?

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