Facebook Changes How a URL Can Be Claimed for a Page

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The 25-likes rule for Facebook pages no longer applies

If you’ve previously looked into changing the URL, or web address, of a Facebook page for your business, you’ll have discovered that there was a simple way to do this.

All you needed to do, under the old rules, was get up to a total of 25 page ‘likes’. Once this magic total was reached, within the admin section of the page appeared an option to change the URL to, for example, something like facebook.com/yell.

Access this, and you could then choose your vanity web address to replace the collection of numbers and letters automatically generated when a page is created.

But, with the rollout of timeline for Facebook pages, things have changed.

If you now set up a brand new page via Facebook’s page wizard, you get the option to select a custom URL immediately. There’s no longer any need to scratch around for those first 25 likes.

If you are in charge of a page that has converted to the new timeline layout and has more than 25 likes, but does not yet have a custom URL of its own, the option to make the change is in the same place as it was before, within the admin area.

If you’ve recently set up a page that has the new layout, but does not yet have 25 likes, you should still be able to make the URL change via the same method.

Remember, it’s a great idea to select a custom URL for your page. For a business, choose a URL that matches closely, if not exactly, your company name. This will help if people are trying to find you on Facebook, it gives your page every chance of appearing on Google – along with your website – if people are searching for you, and it’s handier to remember and tell people. It also looks much better on things like business cards, invoices and printed brochures.

4 thoughts on “<span>Facebook Changes How a URL Can Be Claimed for a Page</span>”

  1. Is this for all new pages? I just created a new Facebook page and to get a username its still asking for 25 Facebook likes in the admin panel before you can choose a username.

    I did notice that Facebook have increased the amount of likes you need to start viewing your page impressions. It was 25 yesterday and is now 30.

    1. One point missed in the article, is that I believe this only applies to your FIRST new page. So if someone with no page wanted to set up a page for the first time, they would be fine.

      If you have a page already set up though, the 25 likes thing still applies. I’m guessing its to avoid users hoarding juicy usernames or something like that.

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