Fake It With Placeit


Professional photography can be expensive and although it’s nearly always worth the money to make your business look amazing, it can be a difficult step financially.

Lots of small businesses have this problem – great product, difficulty showing it off.

But luckily, there’s a seriously clever answer.


Placeit is the kind of idea you wish wish wish you’d come up with. It’s a platform with a series of photography frames that you can insert your own images and videos into – like your own app into an iPhone in someone’s hand.

It’s not free (and once you’ve seen the amazingness, you’ll see why) but it costs just $8 an image if you have a subscription, and you can pay with PayPal which is always handy. When you consider that you could pay a photographer hundreds or even thousands of pounds, it’s a steal.

Featuring your website

This lady loves my blog, she visits it every day | Placeit

The truly astonishing thing about Placeit is that it doesn’t just fetch your website from a URL, which is really quite amazing in itself.

It also fetches the mobile version of your website if you’re putting it into a phone frame, without you even asking it to. Whaaaa?

That’s some kind of witchcraft I can’t even pretend to understand and it delights me every time I do it.

Featuring your products

When you’ve been developing a range of magnificent products, it’s a struggle to find the budget to get them on your website alongside all the other marketing costs.

She bought my print – I feel so famous! | Placeit

If you’re a visual business of any kind, you can place your graphics (prints, portfolio work, modelling shots) onto loads of different surfaces.

These can be anything from business cards and sandwich boards to the side of a bus.

It’s a very cool way to bring your work to life, and you can even edit the image WITHIN the frame to make sure it looks its best.

Featuring your app

You may be fancy enough to have an app (go you!) but that’s a huge investment and getting the professional videography you need to show off that app…well, that could feel like one invoice too far.

Just like with websites, you can insert screens from your app into lots and lots of different phone frames – but there’s more, and this is where I kind of lose my mind a little at how good Placeit is.

You can insert your app into a Placeit moving frame. This gives you an AWESOME live demo of your app. Basically, you get a tool through Placeit called Recordit, which lets you capture what you’re doing on your screen and place it into a frame of someone using it on a phone, tablet or PC.

It’s such a great site that she’s STUDYING it | Placeit

So there you have it: you can do big-business showing off without a big-business budget! Find out how to use Canva to make your own graphics too.

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