Five Must-Watch Entrepreneurs on YouTube

Boost your business with these five must-watch YouTubers Click To Tweet2014 was definitely the year of YouTube and video, with younger, British ‘YouTube celebrities’ like Zoella and Pixiwoo making the jump from make up tutorial videos to having their own ranges of cosmetic brushes and beauty products – not to mention a bundle of books and other merchandise. These, however, are the not the entrepreneurs I’ll be talking about. The entrepreneurs I’ll be discussing are ones who have built up big digital businesses over a number of years, and who are now sharing their knowledge with their YouTube followers.

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is an American writer, businesswoman (she runs the wildly successful B-School course) and business coach. She’s so successful in fact, that Oprah Winfrey has featured her on her Super Soul Sunday, and she’s mates with Tony Robbins. Marie’s weekly videos are packed full of useful information, scripts you can use in your business and tips for how to succeed online – but with a hefty pinch of humour and fun. In fact, a video rarely passes by without her breaking out in dance.

Female Entrepreneur Association

If ever there was a British Marie Forleo, it would be Carrie Green from the Female Entrepreneur Association. Like Marie, her videos are short (rarely longer than 15 minutes), smart and to the point. Carrie often offers free printables to go with the videos for those that like to get things down on paper. She also offers a monthly subscription package where members get access to a new pack each month with videos and worksheets, tackling topics like Facebook advertising, doing your own PR and marketing.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas is another rising entrepreneur, running the successful Lucky Bitch business. Her business works well alongside 2014’s trend for all things to do with mindfulness and self-awareness, and focuses on clearing money blocks and handling your money better. While this may all sound a little woo-woo, her videos really do offer some practical and useful tips for money management as a business and individual. She’s also tackled some other business topics, like succeeding when you’re an introvert. Possibly one of the most appealing things about Denise’s videos are that they’re not perfectly polished, and she’s honest about that. That only make it seem more achievable to achieve a similar level of success.

Savvy Sexy Social

Amy from Savvy Sexy Social is your go-to channel for all things social media, technology, apps and productivity. Like all the others in this list, part of the appeal is that the videos are funny, smart, but fairly short – making it the kind of content you can happily enjoy during a break or your lunch. Amy can be relied on to always highlight the hottest new apps and tech – but more importantly highlight how you can use it as a business.

TED Talks

OK, this is cheating. It’s not so much one entrepreneur, as a whole gaggle of them. TED talks, for those that haven’t stumbled upon one, are a series of talks all over the world that are designed to inspire and spark conversation. Popular ones include Tony Robbins chat about Why We Do What We do and Susan Cain’s Power of Introverts. For a daily short of inspiration, the TED Talk channel is a must to subscribe to.

 Which YouTube channels do you watch to help you boost your business?

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