How to Get More Twitter Followers for Your Small Business

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If you start following a user on Twitter, chances are they’ll get an email about it

Right, you’re drawn in. It’s the question everyone who has a Twitter profile for the business wants to know the answer to. So how can you get more Twitter followers?

Well nothing will definitely win you hordes of new followers, each counting down the hours until the next carefully-crafted update appears.

However, there’s a few things you can to maximise your visibility and, therefore, your chances of being found.

Here are five ways you can boost your chances of growing that following.

  1. Let people know you are on there  A simple one, but effective. Rather than hoping people look you up, get your account name in front of their eyes. So make sure you put references to your Twitter name on things like business cards, brochures, headed paper, invoices, flyers and, of course, your website.
  2. Start following people Not bothered following anyone yet? Not following people is bad form on Twitter. Find 50 accounts relevant to what you do and press that follow button. They’ll receive an email stating that you’ve started following them (unless they’ve adjusted their settings, most don’t). Search for trade bodies, influential accounts related to your field and people talking about what you do. Fingers crossed, they’ll follow back.
  3. Retweet and mention Once you start retweeting or mentioning other people by Twitter name, even if they don’t follow you it will appear in their mentions or retweet list. They might get an email too, if they’ve stuck with the default settings. Give this virtual pat on the back to people you’d like to follow you and hopefully retweet you in future.
  4. Use hashtags Add a topic or location hashtag to your tweet and this improves the chances of it being seen by people who aren’t following you. If it’s interesting enough, they might. Anyone searching the hashtag stream may find it. You can be creative with your angle but if it’s not relevant you will come across as a spammer.
  5. Use the bio text wisely Lots of people creating an account for their business don’t fill in the bio text. It’s vital you do though, as this is your chance to explain who you are and what you do. Make it clear what’s coming out of the account and try to give reasons why it’s a good idea to follow you. What would your target audience like to know or read about?

What are your tips for growing your following on Twitter as a small business?

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  1. Hashtags actually aren’t as meaningful these days due to the improved search.twitter.com. Keywords will still be found, but using a hashtag still means users can click straight through to a search result.

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