Lead Us to Your Social Media: Planning Great Calls to Action

Do your calls to action entice customers to follow your business online? They can, and they should.

Every great advert ends with an even greater call to action:

  • Call us now for a free quote on car hire.
  • Visit today and get 10% off lawn and garden gnomes.
  • Order now and we’ll throw in an extra tin of tomatoes.

But those particular calls to action are a bit bleh, aren’t they? I’ll say. I mean, sure, they do all include a benefit to your customer. Of course, many customers need a bit more enticement other than just a free quote, or even a tin of tomatoes. So the problem is, really, all of those calls to action are just so stagnant. And if that particular phrase or that specific offer does not resonate with your customer, s/he has no reason to go further.

How can you add a bit more life to your call to action? Even a bit more dimensionality?

Connect it to your living, breathing social media profile.

You can do this quite easily with a local radio or television advert, for example, or even on a video, website or print advert. Get your script/text together, as you would, and then conclude by inviting your customers to mingle with you in the great social media landscape.

Create an intriguing call to social media action by leaving the incentive a bit open-ended, especially if you want to change it up beyond the life of the advert.

For example:

  • Visit our Facebook page today for a special discount on car hire. The offers change everyday, but if you ‘like’ our page, you’ll be one of the first to know when the deals are extra hot!
  • Follow us on Twitter to get special discount codes for tomatoes, garden gnomes and other garden must-haves!

Whether you have just one seasonal offer on at the moment, or whether you want to change your promotions on a regular basis, you can have as much fun as you like. And of course, don’t forget to include your social media URL or profile name.

Surprise your customers, reward them and entice them. Overtime, if you do this alongside other good business practices, they’ll be more likely to pay you back with loyalty and good-old-fashioned word of mouth praise. Now that’s something worth posting on Facebook, don’t you think?