Rule No. 1 About Using Social Media

To get the most from social media, comment on other people's interests.

Do you feel like a newcomer to the social media world? How will you get people to take an interest in what you have to offer?

Rule No. 1 about using social media to get people’s interest: Show an interest in people.

One of the biggest mistakes people make about social media is assuming anyone should care, by default. Of course people care — about some things, namely themselves — but unless you give them a reason to care about you, they probably won’t.

So what are you doing to build a love train for your business?

Let’s assume you have already added a few people to your group or network. You can then make an effort to:

  • Comment on other people’s posts and updates. Be genuine, be positive.
  • Let people know when you share an interest. Have they posted about an upcoming concert or a tasty experience at a new restaurant? Chime in.
  • Ask people for their opinions and experiences. From local entertainment to local business developments, you can show that you truly are “a locally owned family business”. If you are committed to supporting the local community, this is a great way to demonstrate that.

Okay. So perhaps you’re thinking that this is all great, but is it worth the effort of connecting with one person at a time?

It certainly is. Small and medium businesses know the value of relationship building and from that, word of mouth referrals. Social media is an extension of that.

Moreover, if you comment on another person’s blog, Facebook wall, or anywhere else online, remember this: The comment may be seen by other people in that person’s network. If that person’s privacy settings are set to public or under minimal restriction, then your comment may have a virtually unlimited amount of exposure. That can be a very good thing. But always bear that in mind when considering the opinions you will share and the topics you will discuss.

That’s worth remembering regardless of whether you use social media under your business name, your real name or some other alias.