Social Media

Building a good presence for your business on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram should be a central part of any digital marketing strategy. A strong following can boost your business visibility online, and it’s a great way to engage with customers on a more personal and direct level. With a strong following also comes a ready audience for promotions and messages which can be shared and passed on, extending your reach and growing your business.

How to Write a Perfect Facebook Page Update

Writing a great update for your Facebook page is a lot like writing for any medium – there’s tonnes of creative licence, but there are a few guidelines and points to tick off  to ensure your post covers all the necessary bases. There are four things to consider when crafting an update for your small […]

Do Business People Need to Hangout? Google+ Certainly Thinks So

A couple of weeks back I wrote about Google+ and specifically about Google Circles and concluded that it is a genuinely efficient social networking tool that will eventually suit business (and especially business to business) use better than Facebook.  But Google also launched two other services at the same time including Google Hangouts and Google […]

How Well Is Your Twitter Profile REALLY Doing?

“My business’ Twitter account has 500 followers”, says smug man one. “Well I’ve got 700”, replies smug man two, putting smug man one’s nose out of joint. It’s a familiar scene and a conversation that now sits alongside car engine size, flatscreen TV width and annual holiday destination distance in the world of small-talk one-up-man-ship. […]

Understanding the Different Types of Social Media

Social media outlets that allow instant, public communication are one of the most high-profile forms of electronic marketing. Micro-blogging tools, blogs, networking sites, online communities, word-of-mouth, discussion forums and social bookmarking sites are all different types of social media. Micro-blogging Tools which enable you to publish short, sharp comments and links to websites and pictures […]

Be Social: Is Facebook of Any Real Use to B2B Companies?

Most of my career has been spent with companies that deal directly with the consumer (in one way or another) so having recently joined a company that deals solely in B2b it’s been interesting to see the different strategies that are needed in social media. Facebook in particular has proved a hot button issue – […]

Be Social: How to Keep Your Business Blog Regularly Updated

In my last piece I wrote about how a blog can help your small business. The next step to consider is the content and subject matter that will make up that blog. Occasionally in my career I’ve had the ‘What new/fresh topics am I going to write about this week?!’ question nagging me for days, […]

Social Media Marketing – the Search for Meaning

Some people now consider social media marketing for business to be in a tricky “Teenage” stage; experiencing growing pains and doubts about its efficiency, but on the verge of something really extraordinary.  And the truth is, many businesses have tried and failed to engage prospects or generate leads – even though they are well placed […]

How Do Facebook Ads Work and How Much Do They Cost?

Facebook is a massive website, one of the biggest in the world in fact. We willingly offer it up detail information about where we live, what we like, whether we are single, married or engaged and the company we work for. With that goldmine of information available to them, Facebook realised they had something a […]

Facebook – Read

My English teacher once said to the class, “Don’t use the word “nice”, there are a hundred better words to choose from the English language”.  The same could be said of the word “Like”.   It seems that Facebook must have caught up with my old teacher and is about to introduce more “granularity” to “better […]

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