Social Media

Building a good presence for your business on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram should be a central part of any digital marketing strategy. A strong following can boost your business visibility online, and it’s a great way to engage with customers on a more personal and direct level. With a strong following also comes a ready audience for promotions and messages which can be shared and passed on, extending your reach and growing your business.

Can Social Media Improve Online Trust for Small Businesses?

Social media will be the main point of contact with your business for many prospective customers. They won’t be immediately looking to buy – but social networking can create the platform for making sales by deepening trust in a good product or service. It does this by: enabling you to provide improved customer service creating […]

Can Social Media Tools Help to Strengthen Relationships?

For small businesses, social media networking can help strengthen the business connections you already have, and allow you to connect with customers between sales. This can make collaboration and sales easier to facilitate. Strengthening relationships with business contacts Business networking creates fresh opportunities for communication with contacts. By responding to their updates and forum comments, […]

How Can Social Media Marketing Benefit Online Marketing?

Social media shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for other online marketing, but an addition to what you already do. It’s effective for amplifying your marketing messages through sharing and for targeting your online marketing. Social media optimisation of your website Your online marketing campaigns are likely to direct people to ‘landing pages’ on your […]

Is Social Media Marketing Central to Managing Online Reputation?

News travels fast in online communities. Both positive and negative comments about your business can have a strong influence on your business reputation. An online strategy that takes into account why and how people use social networking will help you ensure people take away a good impression of your business. Monitor, manage, join in Many […]

Can a Web Design Company Help With Social Media Marketing?

Social networking sites are like networking venues, where you connect with customers and get their attention. The people you meet aren’t necessarily ready to buy, but by sharing information you can turn them into warm leads and direct them to your website. Think of your website as your ‘premises’ on the web – this is […]

Can Social Media Marketing Drive Traffic to Business Websites?

Before you start a social media marketing campaign, you need to think about what your objectives are. Social networking sites aren’t the best tools for actually making sales. Instead, they’re very good relationship management tools that prepare the ground for future sales. Raising awareness The first step to using social media to drive traffic is […]

Does Social Media Just Mean Facebook and Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social networking sites online. They’re useful for small businesses that want to create an interactive dialogue with their customers. However, ‘social media’ describes any kind of online communication and sharing tool that people use to build social connections. Your customers might also be using business networking sites, […]

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing means using online social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to promote your business. Used well, social marketing can be a cost-effective way to connect with customers, raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. Many small businesses have found that having a social media strategy has helped them compete […]

What Are the Top Small Business Social Media Myths?

Before deciding how to use social media in your small business, it’s worth getting to grips with some of the most common small business social media myths and misconceptions. Social media marketing is free Although (mostly) free to use, there are costs involved in social marketing. The chief cost is the time it takes time […]

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