Emerging Social Media Trends of 2021

Social Trends of 2021

2020 threw us many curveballs, with brands and businesses being challenged to think out of the box and pivot accordingly to keep afloat. In 2021 thinking differently about your social media and marketing will continue, with a shift in trends as consumers and communities become the centre of attention over pre-planned seasonal schedules.

The many changes from 2020 have forced brands to rethink their core messaging, reputation and focus. Unforeseen trends emerged and will continue throughout 2021, with consumer engagement and brand purpose at the forefront of upcoming social media trends.


Listening well involves listening to consumers, not jumping in too soon on a specific topic or subject, taking the time to understand and reflect on what the audience wants and needs and then responding appropriately. Tune in to target audiences, and use changes, news and opinions to inform your social media strategy. Have organic and honest conversations and realise notions and beliefs can change overnight. Listening well to your audience will help you understand what makes them tick, what they require and how you can resolve any issues and pain points.


User-generated content is a recent social media gift. Using third party content and remixing it, i.e. using it alongside your own content or remaking the same video (whilst referencing the original) is a new trend that seems likely to pick up and run throughout 2021. Challenge videos on TikTok are a perfect example of Remixing where users alter videos to align with their own styles or ideas.

Social Causes

Again, having conversations around socially conscious causes will continue throughout 2021 on social media. The emphasis will be on highlighting topics to encourage equality, justice and around mental health, with a refreshing openness and honesty. This trend will occur to end the stigma surrounding social issues that audiences connect with. Authentic and genuine conversations with your audience on social media will strengthen customer loyalty and enforce your brand mission statement.

Baby Boomers

A generation of baby boomers has had to quickly catch up using technology. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many older people within the population have found themselves with a need to connect, shop and socialise online, resulting in the over 55’s market segment growing and an older generation using the features of social media. Stereotypes and barriers surrounding older people using technology are being torn apart and the lucrative “grey pound” has opened up new digital strategies and media representation.

Buyer Belief

A shift in beliefs and accessibility to products and services in 2020, has altered the market drastically. Brands now need to align with buys beliefs and meet their needs with thoughtful responses and innovative solutions. Publicly addressing issues on social media and pivoting business models to reflect an emphasis on making both businesses better and the world better will be a formidable social trend of 2021.

The many changes from 2020 have forced brands to rethink their core messaging, reputation and focus. Click to learn about the unforeseen trends that emerged and will continue as the Social Trends of 2021. Click To Tweet

These social media trends of 2021 concentrate on understanding consumer needs and focussing on authentic sentiment in response. To sum up, the promise of purpose within your business and key messaging throughout your social marketing strategy will encourage customer loyalty and engagement in the coming months.

What are your thoughts on these predicted social trends of 2021? Which will you be adding into your social media strategy?