Some Basic Website Design Tips for Getting Leads and Sales

I recently attended the Business Start-up Show in Earls Court, while I was there I saw a talk by Guy Levine from Return on Digital about how to generate more leads, increase sales and grow your brand online.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the show I thought I’d summarise some of his main points here.

It’s probably worth mentioning now that Guy doesn’t mince his words, in fact he started by saying how warm he is and that he’s going to take his jacket off and to excuse any swear words, he then promptly tripped over a wire on the stage and swears!

Guy starts by saying; “Direct marketing, cold calling and exhibitions simply aren’t working as well as they used to as marketing techniques. New stuff like webinars, Twitter and Facebook are much effective tools for marketing to busy people.”

He’s not just promoting the use of social media though, he continues; “Testimonials are also very important, other people saying you’re good at stuff is effective.”

Guy then moves on to highlight something you might thing is obvious, but surprisingly a trick a lot of businesses miss; “Calls to action on your website are really important, make sure your contact details are obvious, clear and visible – not hidden on a ‘contact us’ page. Make sure what you’re selling is on the front page of your site, if someone clicks on something in Google search results, they want to see reference to that on the page they land on.”

These are basic points, but ones a lot of businesses don’t adhere to on their sites. If you want customers to make a purchase then you need to make it easy to do and clear what your business does.

If you’re interested in reading more about what Guy had to say about using statistics to improve your site then you can continue reading here. Or for his advice about effective use of social media click here.