Using Statistics to Solve Problems on Your Website Will Improve Performance

This is the second blog post recounting some of the pearls of wisdom Guy Levine from Return on Digital imparted at the recent Business Start-up Show in Earls Court.

He made a number of good points about simple changes to your website that can increase leads and conversions, please see here for more information.

Guy also went on to explain that; “Websites are alive and dynamic, they shouldn’t be thought of as static like a brochure. You should be amending and updating the content on there as regularly as possible.”

Sensibly Guy then advises the most logical way to improve the conversion rate of your website; “In order to improve conversions you need to persuade more people to do what you want on your website, be it filling in a form or picking up the phone.

“Finding out what’s wrong with your site is the logical place to start – there are a number of tools that can help with this, from Google Analytics, Whatusersdo.com and Clicktale to building user personas based on ideal clients and target audiences.

“Overcoming objections one by one and addressing these on the site will improve the performance of your website, and most importantly – make calls to action prominent, try changing the colour the phone number is written in on the site, this can have a surprisingly positive effect.”

Guy’s final word on this matter is to “split test like there’s no tomorrow”, he believes trying two options and picking the most successful can help to show customers the three most important things about your business:

  1. We are experts
  2. This is what you want
  3. Please buy this from us.

If you want to read what Guy has to say about social media strategy then read here.