Star Facebook Page of the Week… Little Monkey Little Madam

Each week, we throw a spotlight on a top Facebook page that deserves a big thumbs up. Pages featured here are making the most of what Facebook has to offer and can be held up as examples to learn from if you are a small business looking to get to grips with the social network.

These aren’t pages with hundreds of thousands of fans, but are ones managed by small businesses looking to use the platform in the best way they can for their particular business.

This week’s Star Facebook Page of the Week goes to Little Monkey Little Madam – offering funky and adorable clothing, accessories and toys for babies and children.

Why we think it’s a little wonder:

  • The page’s ‘info’ section has been completed properly – there’s a link to the company’s location on a map, information that explains who they are and what they do, a professional email address and the all-important link to the Little Monkey Little Madam website.
  • Lots of the page fans are ‘talking about this’ – so what that means is most people haven’t just come along, liked the page, forgotten about it and never returned. Most actually interact or engage with the page in some way.
  • Little Monkey Little Madam has begun to make the page really nice and visual – check out the images of those wooden skittles!
  • To reward Facebook fans, the company often offers a special discount on the Little Monkey Little Madam website. All they need to do is insert a special promo code and the discount is applied. A real reason to like the page.
  • But here’s the dealbreaker – the business has put some thought around regular page content that can be updated without too much hassle. In particular, there is an ‘item of the week’ feature, promoting an item for sale on the website, and other fun posts – one of which directs people to other things they may find interesting, the first letters of which spell out what day of the week it is. Little touches that help make this a lively page with a real feeling that they are real people behind it.

Congrats on a great page!

The Little Monkey Little Madam Facebook page
The colourful Little Monkey Little Madam Facebook page