The Top Insights of Influencer Marketing for 2021

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Influencer marketing looks set to play a big part in brand promotion throughout 2021. It was already a growing trend across 2019/20, popularised predominantly by users on the social media platforms Instagram and TikTok. But now this social media strategy is expected to skyrocket even further in response to fast-changing trends and market needs. Read on for some predictions of the top insights of influencer marketing for 2021.

Introducing Influencer Marketing

Asking consumers to review products or services is not a new concept. But Influencer marketing has taken this initial concept and developed it into an innovative and ever-growing industry of brand marketing. Social media users and personalities receive free samples and experiences from brands, in exchange for endorsements, advertisements and product placements within their social media posts and videos. Brands and businesses can collaborate with influencers for reviews and exposure, driving your message to a larger audience whilst receiving backing from authentic users.


Many more people are spending time online due to an increase in leisure time or wanting to become influencers, causing the live video trend to explode. Social media providers have responded by introducing new features with TikTok, and its many challenges, becoming increasingly dominant in the field.

TikTok videos are easy to watch (so easy they have introduced a feature reminding the viewer to drink some water and take a screen break after a few hours), creative and flexible, and allow influencers to create their own content which adds authenticity to any brand feature. TikTok marketing will continue to grow as audiences become larger and are the perfect platform for casual and informal connections.

Social Causes

During the Covid-19 pandemic, social connections, causes and beliefs have caused a shift in marketing trends as both influencers and audiences have called for more socially conscious and purposeful content. Influencers and consumers have become more vocal about their needs and what they will accept from brands, boycotting those who are superficial or that don’t align with their expectations. Throughout 2021 there will be mounting pressure on brands to continue to create meaningful marketing content, creating a bond of trust and strengthening relationships. Influencers will expect to promote authentically and work only in aligned partnerships.

Think Long Term

Creating and nurturing long term relationships with influencers seems to be on the cards for 2021. Influencers are demanding more for their time and impact. But engaging in a long term relationship has benefits for brands including gaining a regular outlet for brand promotion and trust from your customers. Maintaining a deeper relationship with a pool of both genuine and effective talent also saves time so there’s no need to find and vet new influencers for every campaign. Taking on brand ambassadors will also grow in popularity as businesses encourage influencers to work solely with them rather than with their competitors.


The number of podcasts available is climbing daily. Whether listening as a leisure pursuit or creating podcasts, the industry has boomed throughout 2020. Individuals found themselves with more free time and the opportunity to speak out about current events. In October 2020 it was reported that over 1,500,000 podcast shows existed, featuring over 34 million episodes (Podcast Insights, Oct 2020) and that number is still increasing. Podcasters have a strong and authentic bond with their audiences and it’s thought that they will become the new group of influencer marketers in 2021.

Transparency and Authenticity

Throughout all the top insights of influencer marketing for 2021, there is a strong theme of consumers demanding authenticity and transparency. Not only will consumers continue to express the need for genuine feedback on products and services, but they’ll also become increasingly savvier when it comes to spotting brand collaborations. Often customers are wary about brand partnerships, thinking them untrustworthy. So staying ahead of the game by ensuring influencers you work with mark their ad content appropriately (#spon, #ad) and creating genuine relationships will be beneficial to your brand reputation.

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Influencer marketing has extreme value as part of your social media strategy. As you head into 2021, look at cultivating genuine and authentic relationships with both your consumers and brand ambassadors. And to get ahead of the competition consider your use of video and podcasting as part of your long term PR plans.

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