Top Tips on Writing a Business Blog

We asked @yellbusiness followers on Twitter what their advice would be to someone thinking about starting a blog for their business. Here’s what they said…

@deeblick Don’t sell in your blog. Give readers really useful nuggets of information that reflect your expertise and meet their needs

@MediYeah If you start a blog, make sure you maintain it & add value with your posts. A dead blog does more harm than no blog

@GT2o1o My top tip for SMEs starting a blog is maximise the generosity of your friends! Share on Facebook and RT on twitter!

@HipHopInformant Build relationships with the readers, if they have a blog, comment on it, and get involved with it

@camdenbiznetwrk Blogs should be about subtle self-promotion, make blogs interesting with unusual and unique updates

@iainfaulds Keep your content fresh and relevant, update it regularly and make sure you have call-to-action and sharing buttons!

@Islchamber Blogs should be a pleasure to read rather than a chore, so less jargon more fun, formal in doses but not every post

@PGSPlumbers Sticking to a strict weekly schedule for adding fresh articles is an SEO must!

@kayke_dee Know your market/goal/content before you even start a blog. Theres nothing worse than a messy blog overpowered with ideas

@thomasdharvey Don’t drone on promoting yourself. Solve your audience’s questions and ask new ones – make it truly interactive

…and our favourite nugget

@VivicaGsy Relaxed professionalism, and both frequent & regular content is essential. Think of your blog as a dress down day!

Thank you to all who contributed.

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