Using Social Media to Give Customers a Taste of Your Business

With social media, you can ask your customers what they’d like you to offer. Don’t forget to thank them!

What do your customers think about you? What do they like to buy from you?

You should ask.

Using social media to its full potential means regular upkeep. But there are lots of ways you can use it to conduct a bit of market research as well.

How does it work?

Say you own a beauty salon and are thinking of adding a new product or service. You might log onto Facebook and post a question or two:

Hey ladies! Pati’s Beauty Salon is thinking of adding a new treatment. We are considering a permanent hair straightener such as KeraStraight or perhaps Global Keratin. Which would you prefer? Are you a fan of permanent straighteners? Share your opinion below and we’ll send you a code for 10% off your next treatment!

Not only are you generating more buzz on your page, but your clients (and prospective clients) are chattering away. Their comments may appear in the news feeds of their friends’ pages as well. That’s great stuff, especially knowing that people who support your business probably have friends of the same demographic, interests etc. Perhaps those friends may be inclined to join in the conversation. In the least, your business name can easily appear before them, helping you build brand awareness.

Social media allows you to sample opinions, much the way you might do with a small (and possibly pricey) focus group. Don’t forget to thank people for sharing their thoughts — good or bad. You can do this with a friendly reply, or by offering an incentive. Better yet, why not do both?

Giving people a sneak peek into your business plans can also excite your customers. If you let them vote on the next menu addition, you not only whet their appetite, but you make them feel like they are part of your business. Their opinion matters. They may not be the cook in the kitchen, so to speak, but at least they get to recommend the soup.