Using Twitter for Business – Advice From SMEs Themselves

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Followers of @yellbusiness offered their tips on Twitter

We asked @yellbusiness followers on Twitter to give us their quick tips around using the social network for business.

The tweets provided ideas around how to talk to people on Twitter and what you should talk about – essentially laying out a Twitter etiquette for people new to it. And one word popped up more than any other – engage.

Here’s what you said:

@spikycomms Think who your tweet audience is, is it useful/informative/interesting/relevant & does it relate to your business?

@MumsClub  Don’t be a wallflower – engage with followers

@soc1albutterfly Be friendly and be yourself, stuffed shirts are so yesterday, to engage you need to be engaging!

@Envyhairbeauty  Post advice to help others

@ChiggsLtd Don’t beg for followers- give people a reason to follow or #ff you with interesting tweets & interactions

@lizairv Keep it simple!

@PinkSpiderWeb Always be pleasant and friendly. It works. Ask Twitterers for Advice. Engaging others builds relationships. Thank and RT others when they Tweet something that helps you. Don’t constantly plug your business. Socialise too!

@AngelVALtd Remember to thank people for replies, advice etc on Twitter – good manners apply here just as in the real world

@BrushPadRoller Share. Even if we’re in the same business, we can still learn. Experience – yours or mine – is a great teacher

And one we posted…

@yellbusiness Don’t post huge, long URLs on tweets. Use a shortener for your links provide by @hootsuite @bitly and the like. Give people #followfriday shout outs! It’s a nice touch at the end of the week