What Are Video Infographics?

Infographics are a way of communicating information

Infographics are ways of getting information across, usually without words. They’re used to convey complex information such as statistical data, assembly instructions or directions on how to use a product.

Video infographics take this a stage further by animating the information, usually with a voiceover.

Infographics for business

Businesses can also use infographics – including video infographics – on their websites to communicate information about products and services. Infographics can help customers choose the right product from a range, or to understand the core benefits of different product types.

Processes can easily be explained using video infographics: for example, the movement of a product through a factory along a production line or a conveyor can be animated and shown from a single viewpoint. In addition, the main benefits of the product that result from the process can be easily illustrated.

Video infographics have three essential requirements:

1) Story

There’s little point in having infographics for the sake of it – they need to convey information, and give people facts that they can use. Producing a storyboard for an infographics project is a good way of making sure that the right story is told.

2) Visual

The visual should communicate the information clearly and concisely: keep it simple and avoid anything that doesn’t add to the story. Colour coding will help – for example, by giving each process a different colour when explaining a production line. And make sure that your branding is emphasised throughout.

3) Information

Before the production starts, list the information you want people to take from the infographics – it should be clear, relevant and appealing. It can include statistics, performance information, timescales, key benefits and so on. If you use a voiceover, keep it simple and to the point.

The most widely used animation software for creating video infographics for websites is Adobe Flash, which offers a variety of visual effects. Although Flash is easy to understand, it needs training and skill to use properly and effectively.