LinkedIn PPC

I often harp on about Facebook PPC. Just check out some of my past blogs as testament to that!

A stumbling block people come across, is ‘But I’m a B2B company! Would Facebook work for me?’ Well. Potentially yes. I have, unsurprisingly already blogged about this.

LinkedIn logoBut have you considered LinkedIn? No. Well. You should.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to target by location, company name, company size, industry – even job role! Adverts include a small picture, a headline and two lines of text. Again, like Facebook you will also be shown a suggested bid cost to achieve impressions for your adverts. It’s a great medium to appeal to businesses, as long as you have a relevant product.

Some examples then. I have seen successful campaigns for a courier company. They specialised in moving pharmaceutical goods. We targeted the relevant companies within this industry and the people who had listed they worked in the shipping offices. Volume was lower then compared to AdWords but the conversion rate was very positive.

Other examples include a telemarketing company. We created a location specific campaign and targeted all those people in that areas listed as marketing managers or executives. We duplicated this advert to target smaller companies, CEO’s and directors.

This traffic can be pulled into Google Analytics in the same manner as Facebook can. You just need to follow those instructions but modify for LinkedIn. Source would become linkedIn and change the campaign name to something which indicates which advert you are using.

https://business.yell.com/ppc/ – URL

?utm_source=LinkedInSource that is sending the traffic 

&utm_medium=ppc – What it is

&utm_campaign=Pharmacy_Courier– Term which will allow you to remember which ad is which

Put them together and you get:


Check it loads ok and then add it to your advert!

As mentioned, but to reconfirm, traffic levels are low but they are extremely relevant.

Give LinkedIn a go. Have a play with the targeting options, just ensure you optimise it!