What Is a Link Wheel?

It’s common knowledge that inbound links are good for SEO, the higher the authority of those links and the number of them plays a key role in your position on search engines.

The link factor is one of many which now includes social, we have covered this in previous SEO link factor posts.

So what do we mean by a Link Wheel?

Simply put, this is a pattern of links which flow from one website to another that in turn link through to a website target which requires the improvement to rankings.  Link wheels have been around for some time now and can range from a chain of 1 to 100’s of sites.

The sites that are used to pass links are those that are already highly ranked in the Google system i.e WordPress, Blogger, Squidoo, Tumblr.  These are commonly referred to as Web 2.0 properties/sites which allow users to post blog content including posting of links.  They tend to be highly ranked sites with social, collaborative and interactive properties and are normally FREE.

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Link Wheels for SEO

The technique involves creating articles/posts on these sites with one link to the main target site and another to the next site within the chain.  The link juice is then passed to each of the sites within the chain and counted as FOLLOW links which we have covered in previous posts.

If applying this technique here are some tips to ensure you do not get penalised by Google :

  • Create relevant content to the target site
  • Use strong anchor text within posts
  • Ensure the sites allow FOLLOW links
  • Use random link patterns
  • Use original and unique content

The key is to use this technique alongside others to ensure you see the best results, note that it is evolving all the time so keep checking  back here for the latest.