Smart Performance Migration FAQs


1. Will my invoices change?

Your monthly invoice value will not change. However, instead of seeing your previous Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Display or Social order listed as the product, you will see Smart Performance.

2. How will this benefit me?

Smart Performance builds on many of the great features you currently enjoy as part of your current digital advertising campaign:

  • Continuously optimised campaigns that use historic performance data to adjust bids and help to maximise your return on investment over time
  • Better performance tracking alongside outcome-led reporting to give you clear visibility on your expected clicks vs the clicks we’ve achieved each month
  • Improved call and conversion tracking options to further demonstrate the value of your advertising with us

3. Will Smart Performance be the same as my current campaign?

We will optimise your Smart Performance campaign to target the same services and audiences as your current campaign. Where possible, we will also set up call and online conversion tracking to help track the return on investment your campaign is generating.

PPC – Your current Ad Groups, keywords, location targeting, and other settings will be retained as part of this upgrade to Smart Performance.

Display – Your current creatives will now serve on an expanded network of sites through the Google Display Network so that we can reach more users with your ads than ever before. We will retain your location targeting settings and the classification topics you were targeting previously.

We have refreshed your ad creatives and are now utilising Responsive Display Ads so that your ads can dynamically update with the best performing combination of assets for your business, in all the ad sizes you enjoyed with the Display product.

Social – Your current ads, location targeting, gender/age targeting, and other settings will be retained as part of this upgrade to Smart Performance.

4. How will I know how my campaign is performing?

We will send you an email once your campaign has been migrated to Smart Performance which will provide you with a link to your online dashboard where you can view your campaign performance 24/7. Your performance data will be available in your Yell Account Management screen as well as the Y4B app. You will also receive a monthly email which includes a snapshot of your performance.

5. Will I be locked into a new contract?

You will not be subject to any new minimum term. If you are still within your minimum term and you believe the change to Smart Performance has had a materially detrimental impact on your service, you have 14 days to cancel from the date we sent our email. Please send an email to if you have any queries regarding this.

6. What if I don’t want to migrate to Smart Performance?

Smart Performance has been designed to utilise all of the great features your current solution provides, plus so much more. However, If you do not want to migrate, please contact us at so that we can discuss this with you.

7. What is call and conversion tracking

As part of demonstrating the value of your advertising with us, we’re now able to implement both call and on-site conversion tracking options with this product.

Call tracking works by replacing the phone number on your site and in your ad with a call tracking number that counts the calls delivered as a result of your advertising. The number on your site is only replaced with the call tracking number when a user has been delivered to your site through our Smart Performance advertising.

On-site conversion tracking works by tracking the form submissions (eg: contact forms), email hyperlink clicks (eg: clicks on your link on your site) and any brochure downloads that a user might do on your website. These actions are only tracked and counted as conversions when a user has been delivered to your site through our Smart Performance advertising.

Currently, we can track both calls and conversions from the PPC and Display elements of Smart Performance. Call and conversion tracking for Social advertising will follow in 2021.

8. What is a "Mirrored Website"?

If your website is not managed by us we may create a "Mirrored Website" on your behalf in order to implement call and on-site tracking scripts. The Mirrored Website will be an exact duplication of your website. We will create, host and register a new domain for the Mirrored Website but you will own all rights in the Mirrored Website, excluding the tracking script.

In order to protect your Search Engine Optimisation efforts and not impact your natural (or 'organic') listings we will direct search engines not to crawl the Mirrored Website.

9. Will my management fees on PPC change?

There will be no changes to your monthly invoice value or the management fee for the PPC (or ‘Search’) part of your new Smart Performance product.

For Display advertising and Social advertising products, Yell's margin fees and contribution to media spend remain flexible. This only applies to customers who have purchased Display advertising and/ or Social advertising from Yell.

10. My question hasn't been answered

If your question has not been answered above, please send an email to so that we can help you with this.