Making Marketing Videos – Sound Is More Important Than You Think

Sound. In a visual medium like video it’s often forgotten. But the sound on a video can destroy it if it’s bad. There’s an old adage amongst film makers that bad footage and good sound is fine but good footage and bad sound is unwatchable. When we make our marketing videos it’s imperative that we […]

3 Great Podcasts for Small Business Owners

Much like blogs and marketing emails, podcasts are an internet staple that first came to prominence in the mid noughties; they went a bit quiet for a while, but all three are now back with a vengeance. I’m a fairly new convert to podcasts; they’re great for listening to in the background. Whether it’s when […]

What Content Says About Your Business

Providing good quality, entertaining and regularly-refreshed web content shows that your business cares about providing added value to its customers. Content marketing – creating and sharing free web content – is an excellent way to reinforce customer relationships and build trust, credibility and authority in your field. Different types of web content Website content doesn’t […]

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