Learnings From Website #13 – Look Fantastic

This month’s learnings are taken from well known online beauty retailer Look Fantastic, if you’ve been on the site you’ll know they have a huge range of products which makes the use of their content varied and important for keeping their visitors engaged. Starting with the homepage – yes it is very busy but there […]

Top SEO Metrics for Small Businesses

‘SEO metrics’ are measurements which show you how well your search engine optimisation efforts are performing. These measurements are usually taken at regular intervals (daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the metric), to track changes in performance over a period of time. Metrics are provided and charted using web analytics tools such as Google Analytics. […]

What Does Web Design Offer Beyond Online Visibility for Small Businesses?

Web design covers the way your online marketing activities – your website, your online advertising and any other marketing materials – look and feel. This can have a huge impact on how effective they are in promoting your business. All your online marketing should appear professional and form a coherent online presence – reinforcing your […]

Do Customers Expect Small Businesses to Have a Website?

Increasingly, customers are turning to the internet before they commit to a purchase. It can be used to: find businesses that offer what they’re looking for research different products and services find online reviews find out more about a business’ history and values If your business doesn’t have a website, people searching for ‘what you […]

How Much Maintenance Do E-Commerce Stores Require?

Building and launching your e-commerce website should be seen as part of a continuing process. You’ll need to set aside time – or perhaps appoint someone – to handle the different kinds of maintenance required. Updating and refreshing The products on offer in your online shop will no doubt change, as will the prices, and […]

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