10 FREE Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Work Harder

Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses of all kinds. Through features like Pages and Groups, the social media kingpin provides a selection of ways for companies to raise their online profile. Many companies also see great success through Facebook’s paid advertising options such as Ads and Boosted Posts. However – how can a […]

How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Business

Lots of people see Facebook as a personal social media platform to chat with friends, post their holiday photos, do online shopping, and maybe even play games. You can do all of that on Facebook of course – but you can also set up a specific page for your business, which works separately to personal […]

Should I Set Up a Facebook Page and a Google + Page for My Business?

To some extent, Facebook and Google + (or Google Plus) appear very similar. However, there are some significant and important differences that should be taken into account when considering which to use as a social media platform for your business marketing. Facebook: has been around for longer: since 2003, whereas Google + was launched in […]

How to Work Out Which Facebook Page Updates Your Fans DISLIKE

Working out the type of updates your Facebook page fans like is pretty straightforward. You look at how many clicks your updates are getting, how many people hit like or share, or maybe the number of people who are seeing what you’ve written and decide to leave a comment. With that, you can work out […]

Put Together a Content Calendar for Your Business Facebook Page

If you’ve set up a Facebook page for your business and are raring to go, it can be tempting to just fire out loads of updates each day in the hope that something sticks. You then find that your increase in output has not attracted thousands of new fans, lose faith and suddenly a tumbleweed […]

Should I Set Up a Facebook Page

Picture yourself face-to-face with Davina McCall. You’ve found yourself on the popular Channel 4 game show Million Pound Drop. The screens flash up with your answer options – one… ‘page’, two… ‘group’, three… ‘person’. And the question is this. If you are a business, which type of presence should you have on Facebook. If you […]

Google+ Page for Business

A few weeks back I made a prediction in two parts: “It is only a matter of time before Google introduces the equivalent of Facebook Business Fan Page. When it does, I predict Google+ will become irresistible to the business community”. Well the first part of the prediction is now a reality.  Google+ has now […]

How to Get More Facebook Likes for Your Fan Page

It’s absolutely vital that once you’ve set up a Facebook page for your business you start to work on increasing the number of likes it has. Your first target is to get to the milestone of 25 likes, as this means that you can then change your page URL to whatever you want it to […]

If Google+ Facebook Equals X. Find X?

There is a nice joke circulating on the web that details a GSCE Maths question concerning the Pythagoras theorem.  The question is simply, “Find X”, to which a star pupil has thoughtfully labelled the triangle with an arrow pointing to X stating “It’s here”.  Technically correct, but not the answer the examiner was looking for!  […]

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