10 FREE Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Work Harder

Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses of all kinds. Through features like Pages and Groups, the social media kingpin provides a selection of ways for companies to raise their online profile. Many companies also see great success through Facebook’s paid advertising options such as Ads and Boosted Posts. However – how can a […]

How to Optimise a Facebook Business Page

With around 24 million daily users, it’s not hard to see why you need to know how to optimise a Facebook Business Page. It means that 2 out of every 3 people with an internet connection in the UK are checking into Facebook each day. And there are numerous benefits for your company beyond raising […]

Facebook Insights – a Couple of Key Indicators

Once you understand that Facebook’s main aim in supplying Insight data is to persuade you to take out advertisements with them, you can start to see why they highlight and give Facebook Business Page owners so much demographic data and so on. This is great and some small business would prosper by taking out a […]

Facebook Business Pages – How to Use Daily Negative Feedback Insight

Being “Un-Liked” is not a nice experience on your personal Facebook Page, but when it happens on your Facebook Business Page – it can mean sales trouble ahead. The point of Social Media for Business is that you aim to get subtle (or sometimes direct) endorsement of your products or services in the form of […]

Improve Your Sales and Marketing Using Facebook Timeline Tabs (Apps)

It has been nearly a month since Facebook unilaterally changed all existing Facebook Business Pages to a Timeline format. The most pressing need for small businesses has been to find a wide screen format picture to represent their brand as a “Cover” on the mast head of the Facebook Page, (Facebook see the new Timeline […]

Another Four Great Examples of Facebook Pages Run by Small Businesses

If you’ve every asked anyone about Facebook pages you can check out and learn from, chances are they came back with names of big businesses like Coca-Cola, Red Bull or McDonalds. But what about pages that have been created by small businesses? Following on from an earlier article which highlighted four great examples of Facebook […]

Facebook Changes How a URL Can Be Claimed for a Page

If you’ve previously looked into changing the URL, or web address, of a Facebook page for your business, you’ll have discovered that there was a simple way to do this. All you needed to do, under the old rules, was get up to a total of 25 page ‘likes’. Once this magic total was reached, […]

Make the Most of the New Facebook Timeline for Pages

March 30th, 2012 – the date of the Facebook timeline roll out. So, if you have a page for your business, you may find there are a few things you need to sort because of the new-look page layout. Here are a few pointers. You’ll need a big image. And not just a big image, […]

Facebook Timeline Your Whole Life – Lifebook Anyone?

Did you know that it will very soon be possible to record your whole life experience, in full motion HD video, on a single hard drive that would cost less than £100?  It is estimated that a single petabyte capacity hard drive could comfortably record all your waking hours. In the meantime, Facebook have introduced a […]

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