A Simple Guide to Content Marketing Psychology

Psychology plays an absolutely crucial part in all kinds of marketing. Whether it’s choosing which shelf and aisle to best place products in a supermarket, selecting the right words for a billboard campaign, or simply picking the right colour for your “buy now” button; the way businesses sell to people is inextricably linked with how […]

How to Plan an Infographic

I’m going to just say it: I’ve never made an infographic. I’ve planned them, written them, directed them, watched them being designed and distributed them. Never made one. Until now. I looked into a few infographic platforms because I didn’t want to just haul out Canva again (even though you can totally make infographics with […]

6 Must Do Website Content Types for 2013 – Part 1

Welcome back from a hopefully rested break (or like me an over indulgent one that saw me heading to the gym like a cliché today). If you do anything on your website this year then make sure you have these content types covered this year… 1. Get a decent blog If your website is new […]

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