How to Sell Your Products On Pinterest

Pinterest shopping has been part of many businesses’ marketing strategies since it was introduced in 2019, but recent updates have changed how Pinterest shops can be run, with new UK shopping and ad features being launched to make life easier for both shoppers and merchants. Since April 2020, in line with the Covid-19 outbreak, there […]

How to Use Hashtags on Social Media

Hashtags were popularised by Twitter over 10 years ago to help users group Tweets via common topics of discussion. Lots of other platforms like Instagram and Facebook also use hashtags, with a similar purpose of grouping posts together. If you don’t know what a hashtag is then have a look at my example image of a […]

What’s Up With Visual Search?

Anyone keen on shopping (both my hands are raised, somehow, as I type) may have noticed that retail apps like eBay and Aliexpress now offer visual search. Visual search isn’t new. Google’s been offering reverse image search for years, as the MTV show Catfish has been teaching us over and over for seven seasons. What […]

Social Media for Business: 9 Steps to Success For Beginners

Social media is becoming an essential part of doing business online, so if you’ve not particularly needed social media up to this point, my hat goes off to you! You’re obviously doing something right with your other channels – congrats! But starting to work with social media can be a real turning point for your […]

Pinterest’s New How-to Pins: Good or Bad?

Pinterest – home of ‘5 ways to make fun jewellery with cable ties’ and ‘How to make a cake using just flour and water!’ – has just launched a new feature. A listicle-centric How-to Pin. Just what you never knew you needed! What the How-to Pin does How-to Pins use existing step-by-step content to feature […]

Five Content Marketing Mistakes you Need to Stop Making

Content is king… they repeat, over and over again! Yes, we know that content is very important but if you’re doing it wrong, it’s not king – oh it’s not even princely. It’s more like the court jester. So how do you make sure that your content is working for you? Well, you can start […]

Is Now the Time to Consider Marketing on Pinterest and Instagram?

The two biggest “Yeah it’s cool but how will they ever monetise THAT” platforms have recently made their moves and shown exactly how they’re going to make dollar out of cool pictures. Pinterest Where every girl goes to daydream about her rustic lakeside wedding, complete with tweed waistcoated page boys and live doves carrying the […]

How to Attract the Right Social Media Audience and Increase Followers

Like any marketing, social media works best when it is focused and clear. This means targeting a specific audience with something that appeals to them. If you take this approach you’ll attract the right followers. A word you may have heard in regards to marketing is ‘campaign’, this is a term marketeers use to describe a focused and […]

Using Infographics for Your Website Content

For those who haven’t heard of an infographic before – they are basically a visual way of showing information and data. They’ve become more and more popular as website content in the past year as people like to read a good stat, they like to learn something new and they love to have it presented […]

Be Social: Delving Deeper Into Using Pinterest for Your Business id=

So having previously talked about the first steps that need to be taken before investing your time in using Pinterest as a social network for your business, at this stage you will have come to a decision as to whether it is relevant to your brand. From here you should have been tailoring content suited […]

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