Google Isn’t the Only Way to Drive Traffic to a Business Website

Is your website appearing on the first page of Google? Many business owners expect that their websites will be on the first page of Google as soon as the sites go live. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Many factors contribute to a website’s ranking, and one of these is how long a site has existed. […]

Understanding Social Media for Businesses

Brief tips for getting started with social marketing. What is it? And does it matter to small and medium-sized businesses? Or is it just another here today, gone tomorrow trend created by marketing consultants? Here are the basics to help you get started. What is social media marketing? The term ‘social media marketing’ is a bit […]

How Can Social Media Marketing Benefit Online Marketing?

Social media shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for other online marketing, but an addition to what you already do. It’s effective for amplifying your marketing messages through sharing and for targeting your online marketing. Social media optimisation of your website Your online marketing campaigns are likely to direct people to ‘landing pages’ on your […]

Is Social Media Marketing Central to Managing Online Reputation?

News travels fast in online communities. Both positive and negative comments about your business can have a strong influence on your business reputation. An online strategy that takes into account why and how people use social networking will help you ensure people take away a good impression of your business. Monitor, manage, join in Many […]

Can a Web Design Company Help With Social Media Marketing?

Social networking sites are like networking venues, where you connect with customers and get their attention. The people you meet aren’t necessarily ready to buy, but by sharing information you can turn them into warm leads and direct them to your website. Think of your website as your ‘premises’ on the web – this is […]

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing means using online social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to promote your business. Used well, social marketing can be a cost-effective way to connect with customers, raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. Many small businesses have found that having a social media strategy has helped them compete […]

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