Rule No. 1 About Using Social Media

Do you feel like a newcomer to the social media world? How will you get people to take an interest in what you have to offer? Rule No. 1 about using social media to get people’s interest: Show an interest in people. One of the biggest mistakes people make about social media is assuming anyone […]

Remember When You Met Facebook?

Remember when you met Facebook? I do. The year was 2004. I was in a college newsroom in Manhattan, Kansas, attempting to put out the daily paper, despite being distracted by this brilliant new website. It had something to do with social networking, or so they said. That night and for many more to come, […]

When Is the Best Time to Tweet From My Business Twitter Account?

The question “what time of day is best to post messages on Twitter” is one lots of people ask once they’ve set up and account and have started to get to grips with the platform. You can fire out tweets whenever you like, but sometimes it can seem like you are shouting from the rooftops […]

FAQs About Using Twitter for Business

I thought I’d compile a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about using Twitter for your business I’ve heard recently. Twitter – perhaps more than the other social media sites – can seem a little daunting at first because of its “unspoken rules” and heavy use of symbols and abbreviations. […]

Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business: FAQs

Just set up a profile on Facebook for your business? Here are the answers to ten frequently asked questions. Will everyone who has liked my page see my updates? This is the general rule. However, Facebook does use an algorithm to decide whether to display your update in fans’ news feeds, depending in their level […]

The Value of Social Media to Small Businesses

In today’s world of online social circles it’s hard to imagine any business not joining the universal scramble for a free soapbox to a wider audience. Yet many small businesses don’t see how they can benefit from social media. Not everyone has had their eyes opened by the massive opportunities for engagement and new business […]

Can Small Businesses Gain a Competitive Advantage Through Social Media?

Your competitors will very likely be using social media, so you should, too. To gain a competitive advantage, it’s important to have a social marketing strategy that: fits into your overall marketing plan has measurable objectives These eight steps will help you use social media to compete effectively. 1. Find out what people are saying […]

How Do I Set Up a Twitter Account for My Business?

Social networking site Twitter – the land of people talking about what they have just had for dinner, what they think of tonight’s TV and no end of messages stuffed with OMG, LOL and ROFL. So why should you be thinking “how do I set up a Twitter account for my business?”. Well, there is […]

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