Can Video Really Help Turn Site Visitors into Customers?

Video is exploding in popularity. Gone are the days of mediocre data connections and gawping at buffer screens (EE played fantastically on the ‘buffer face‘ when introducing high speed mobile internet) and consumers are now able to stream video on demand, pretty much wherever they are, on whatever device they’re using. Thanks to YouTube, it’s easier […]

Case Study – Premium Video Production (Part 1)

Making videos for clients isn’t easy!  Sometimes you may look at a video and think “Meh, I could do that no problem”, while other videos are…What am I talking about, they’re ALL difficult or should I say, challenging! (I love that word, has many meanings) What I find…”Challenging”, isn’t necessarily the Filming, the conditions on […]

Planning Your Video – Part 2

In my previous article “Planning your video – Part 1”, we discussed the first steps that are needed to be thought through, before we even talk about getting the shoot booked in.  To be able to stand back from your business and  see it through your customers eyes, both existing and new…is key! This can […]

Planning Your Video – Part 1

So, you‘ve decided that you want a video for your business, you’ve looked at the various options on who and how it will be produced…from doing it yourself, to hiring a Freelancer or using a Video Production Company…but how do you plan it? This can seem quite daunting at first, as you may not have […]

What Is Video Production?

Video production is a three-part process. Depending on the actual video, the process can be either relatively straightforward or highly complex. The three stages are: 1) Pre-production, where the video is prepared for ‘shooting’ (filming). It usually includes most of the following: developing and agreeing a storyboard and a total running time producing the shooting […]

How to Create an Engaging Video for Online Video Marketing

As with all marketing activity, the best way to create an online video is to think about the fundamentals – the objectives, the target audience, the content, the budget and required response. Objectives Think about what you want the video to achieve, and try to be as precise as possible. The goal should be specific […]

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