5 MORE YouTube Channels Every Small Business Should Follow

5 MORE YouTube Channels for small businesses to followIn my opinion, YouTube is the best resource for anyone trying to do anything. Whether you’re after home decor tips, fitness regimens, upgrading your computer, even boiling an egg; chances are someone on YouTube has the answers. It’s seemingly never-ending. The business corner of YouTube is quite small compared to the gamers and the beauty gurus, but it is packed with practical advice for entrepreneurs and business owners.

I’ve previously written about 6 YouTube Channels Every Small Business Should Follow, and 5 YouTube Channels for Digital Marketing Success so if you’re a big YouTube addict like me, head over there for more video goodness.

So, let’s not wait any longer; here are 5 more of my favourite business resources on YouTube…

Harvard Business Review

Channel Link: Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review is brought to us from the esteemed Harvard Business School. Their videos are brief and digestible, mostly weighing in at between 1 and 3 minutes, and offer a whole host of great tips from well-known entrepreneurs and business thought leaders. They look at all the different aspects of being in business; from innovation, to hiring, to leadership, productivity and everything in between. The sheer range of business topics covered makes this channel a must-watch for businesses of all sizes.


Channel Link: Inc.

This channel is the video complement to Inc. Magazine which specialises in business, tech and money. Inc’s YouTube channel deals with issues relating to entrepreneurship and finance; much like the Harvard channel they feature short, punchy videos with soundbites of wisdom from some well-known (and some less well-known) faces from the world of business. Their visitors represent an interesting range of businesspeople and influencers and cover a number of different facets to running a company. The short form of the videos means you can easily digest a few in your lunch break or commute to get an easy daily dose of inspiration.

Evan Carmichael

Channel Link: Evan Carmichael

Evan is an online entrepreneur who provides no-nonsense advice about productivity, entrepreneurship, and business as a whole through YouTube. The channel is a blend of Evan’s own advice as well as candid tips from famous faces within the entrepreneurial field. He has a number of regular features, most notably #Entspresso which is a weekday morning shot of entrepreneurial inspiration; and Top 10 Rules for Success, where Evan collates 10 great success tips from a given well-known business figure or celebrity. Most of his videos are under 10 minutes, but there are a variety of longer interviews and features, as well as some excellent music playlists for work.

Ramit Sethi

Channel Link: Ramit Sethi

Ramit is a blogger, entrepreneur, finance expert and the author of “I Will Teach You to Be Rich.” On his channel, he offers a great mixture of his own advice and that of the experts he features; the topics covered in the videos deal with issues of negotiation, entrepreneurship, finance, business growth, and professional relationships. His direct, friendly delivery is refreshing and he’s an expert in being frank without being a jerk (a topic that he talks about here) This channel isn’t just useful to business owners – as well as advising on entrepreneurial issues, he also addresses common problems people face in finding a job and making the most out of being an employee.


Channel Link: Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Magazine is a global publication for businesspeople both online and offline, and this is their YouTube channel. Regardless of where you are in your business journey, your type of business and what field you’re in; the Entrepreneur channel is likely to have something of interest to you. They address a lot of common, tough business questions sincerely, wisely, and (sometimes) lightheartedly. Like the rest of these channels, Entrepreneur features wisdom from both their own team, as well as figureheads within the business community; some notable names include Simon Sinek, Tommy Chong, Evan Carmichael and Tony Hawk, so quite a diverse bunch.

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Can you think of any other business channels on YouTube that you feel need a bit of spotlight? What about other video services, like Vimeo, Flickr or over social media? Please leave your favourites down in the comments!

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