5 YouTube Channels for Digital Marketing Success

Youtube Channels for Digital MarketingAs I’ve admitted before, I love YouTube. As discussed in the previous article, YouTube doesn’t always have the immediate reputation of being a great resource for professionals. Once you’ve waded through the cute animals and “fail” videos, there is a wealth of sharp business and marketing advice. If you want to make progress online, these channels should set you on the right track: here (in no particular order) are my 5 favourite YouTube channels for digital marketing success.

Digital Marketer

Link to Channel: DigitalMktr

I’ve been following Digital Marketer’s blog for a while now, and have always been impressed with their knowledge and advice. Their YouTube channel is just as impressive, and is filled with useful marketing information for all things digital. One high point is their new #AskDM series, in which they respond to questions they’ve been sent over social media, which is always is very digestible and easy to follow. They also have a series of short videos discussing ideas for different types of content – such as blog posts and surveys – which are a great resource when you get stuck for ideas.

Lisa Irby

Link to Channel: lisa3876

Online marketing thought-leader Lisa Irby prides herself on being (to an extent) self-taught in the ways of web and content creation. Her helpful YouTube videos include a variety of SEO advice, content marketing inspiration, as well as updates and opinion pieces on the latest developments in the online marketing world. Lisa’s delivery style is smart and friendly; she loves helping out these who are also going down the self-teaching route, so if this sounds familiar, Lisa’s channel is well worth a visit.

Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Link to Channel: KimberlyAnnJimenez

Kimberly is a US-based social media and content marketing consultant. She shares her digital marketing experience through YouTube, guiding her followers through how to use certain social tools, reaching certain audiences and creating great content. Her videos are always easy to follow, regardless of whether they are tutorials showing how to use a particular online tool; or just Kim herself in front of a camera sharing her social marketing knowledge. You may notice that she doesn’t have as many videos as some of the others on this list, but don’t let that fool you; each video is packed with really useful information and Kim’s warm and welcoming personality always shines forth.

Jay Baer (the Jay Today Show)

Link to Channel: jaybaer00

Jay Baer is a business and marketing expert, whose show Jay Today is about marketing and customer issues. In the show, Jay is honest and frank, and the videos are more like friendly vlogs than stuffy marketing presentations; they’re short and digestible so they won’t prove too much of a time sink into your busy schedule. Unfortunately he doesn’t do the Jay Today show any more, he stopped a few months ago, but the entire back catalogue is available on this channel, as well as his equally awesome newer content.

Moz (Whiteboard Friday)

Link to Channel: MozHQ

Moz is a Seattle-based company which sells software tools for SEO and analytics, though they have a lot of useful content that’s valuable to anyone looking for digital marketing pointers, whether they’re a paying Moz customer or not. Their YouTube channel is mainly used as a platform for their fantastic Whiteboard Friday videos, which aren’t too long – coming in at around 10-15 minutes, and are packed with well-presented online marketing tips for those at an intermediate level. Their blog is well worth a read too!

Know any other great digital marketing channels on YouTube that I haven’t mentioned here? I’d love to hear from you down in the comments.

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